The red hen. Short stories for kids

The red hen. Short stories for kids

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Once upon a time there was a red hen named Marcelina, who lived on a farm surrounded by many animals. It was a very large farm, in the middle of the field.

Cows and horses lived in the stable; the pigs had their own pigsty. There was even a pond with ducks and a corral with many chickens. There was also a family of farmers on the farm who looked after all the animals. One day the little red hen, digging in the dirt of the farm, found a grain of wheat.

She thought that if she sowed it it would grow and then she could make bread for herself and all her friends.

-Who will help me sow the wheat? He asked them.

- Not me, said the duck.

- Not me, said the cat.

- Not me, said the dog.

- Very well, I'll plant it myself, said the little chicken.

And so, Marcelina sowed her grain of wheat by herself with great care. He opened a little hole in the ground and plugged it. Some time passed and eventually the wheat grew and matured into a beautiful plant.

-Who will help me reap the wheat? Asked the little red hen.

- Not me, said the duck.

- Not me, said the cat.

- Not me, said the dog.

- Very well, if you don't want to help me, I'll reap it myself, exclaimed Marcelina.

And the hen, with much effort, reaped the wheat by herself. He had to cut all the stems one by one with his beak. When she finished, she spoke very tiredly to her companions:

-Who will help me thresh the wheat?

- Not me, said the duck.

- Not me, said the cat.

- Not me, said the dog.

- All right, I'll thresh it.

She was very angry with the other animals, so she began to thresh him by herself. He ground it up patiently until he was able to separate the grain from the chaff. When he finished, he asked again:

-Who will help me take the wheat to the mill to turn it into flour?

- Not me, said the duck.

- Not me, said the cat.

- Not me, said the dog.

- Very well, I'll take it and knead it myself, answered Marcelina.

And with the flour he made a beautiful, juicy loaf of bread. When he had it finished, he very calmly asked:

- And now, who will eat the loaf of bread? the little red hen asked again.

-Me, me! said the duck.

-Me, me! said the cat.

-Me, me! said the dog.

"Well, none of you will eat it!" Marcelina answered. I'll eat it myself, with all my children.

And so he did. He called his chicks and shared it with them.


Author: Byron Barton. Writer and illustrator of children's books. He was born in Pawtuck, Rhode Island, and lives in New York where he works for CBS

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